Friday, May 4, 2018

Depressed Leafs fans invited to church

WEEKLY CHURCH SIGN REVIEW: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Oshawa



Toronto Maple Leaf fans were excited, cheering as the Leafs kept the series even with the Boston Bruins, hoping for the chance to see their team advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but then they were crushed as the Leafs were defeated in Game 7 of that series. It didn’t help that the Toronto Blue Jays lost as many games as they won this week or that the Raptors also had a poor week. One church showed by their sign that they understood the pain and sorrow of Toronto fans. For that, I’m giving 4.5 stars to St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Oshawa.

This sign really works! It captured how a lot of people were feeling and offered them a place to go for hope and healing, a Sunday church service. I know I’ve apologized for overdoing the number of reviews for the sign of this same church, but they caught my attention yet again with this outstanding sign and St. Matthew’s Anglican Church has now earned my highest rating so far. Well played.


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