Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why not read the Bible in 2011?

new_year How’s that for a New Year’s resolution? We all have good intentions about Bible reading but how much reading do we actually do? After reading a blog post by Bob Kauflin at Worship Matters, I’m thinking I may try the same approach he’s tried over the last half of 2010: “Why I’m Reading the Bible in Ten Different Places.” Kauflin says, “I don’t know how long I’ll be reading Scripture this way, but I know one thing. It’s been really good for my relationship with God. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • I’m reminded daily how little I know of God’s Word
  • I’m understanding better how Jesus is the story line of the Bible
  • Familiar verses speak to me in unexpected ways
  • I’m encountering God in his Word more often

“Reading the Bible in Ten Different Places” is a Bible-reading plan by Grant Horner. It looks really interesting (you can read Grant’s thoughts on it here). It involves reading one chapter from ten different places in the Bible each time you read. Once you reach the end of a section you start over. It’s very helpful in giving the reader a big picture understanding of the Bible. (For more on Bob Kauflin’s experience, please see his post “Why I’m Reading the Bible in Ten Different Places.”)


Nathan Bingham, another blogger, has posted several different Bible Reading Plans for 2011 with links to relevant resources, including Grant Horner’s Ten Different Places plan. I recommend you check out Bingham’s list if you’re looking for a plan to help you read God’s Word in 2011. I need to decide pretty quick here, but at this point I’m leaning toward trying out Horner’s Ten Different Places approach.

Please leave comments about your own experience of reading the Bible in 2010 or your New Year’s resolution for reading in 2011. Maybe we can even help encourage one another to read more, learn more and live it better. All the best to all of my blog readers in 2011!


  1. My wife and I try to read our TNIV on a daily basis we are presently in the Book of Romans.

    We take turns reading out loud and have discovered that we are able to absorb and retain more of our reading, than reading silently to ourselves. We stop at any time and discuss portions that we are not able to understand and we have other versions on hand particularly the KJV.

    Presently I am looking for a Biblical map of Palestine and one that is of a greater geographical area to relate to the places we are reading about.

    Both of us have found that as a result of reading we are praying more and becoming more aware of the needs of others in the community. We are praying for ten families in our neighbourhood on a daily basis as to their various needs that we are aware of.

    I must confess that having begun reading the bible, it has brought many positive changes in our lives that have been a blessing to us both. May others who are reading this blog experience the same blessings.

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