Sunday, April 3, 2011

One thousand paper cranes and prayers for Japan

Everyday you can be overwhelmed by carefully watching the continuing news coverage of the devastation of Japan. The scope of this tragedy continues to grow. The latest being the failure of the cement to seal the damaged area that is allowing radiation to contaminate the ocean. The problems continue to multiply. Nothing seems to go well in the efforts of recovery. What can we do? Certainly we can give financially, but shouldn’t this unfolding tragedy also call us to prayer? And how should we pray for the people of Japan?

I see no reason why Christians could not pray and fold paper cranes. This was an amazing show of support from the good people of PEI. I wish I could’ve gone to an event like this. Even still, I can pray. We can pray. When I look at the facts of this devastation of Japan, my recurring prayer response is, “Lord, have mercy…” And in reflection of all that has happened, I’ve also prayed along with a prayer spoken in Japanese in the video I’ve posted below. Please do share with us in the Comments how you have been responding to this crisis in prayer. It’s important for us to pray, to pray together, and I’m hoping we might also learn from each other how we might better pray.

The Japan crisis by the numbers

  • Mar 11/11 A magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck 125 km off the shore of Japan
  • At least 50 aftershocks followed, some with a magnitude as high as 6.0
  • A powerful tsunami was triggered, coming ashore at 800 km/hr (speed of a jetliner)
  • The tsunami wave was 10 m high (equivalent to a three-storey home)
  • The earthquake and tsunami damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, knocking out power to its cooling systems which spread fear of a nuclear meltdown
  • Volcano Mt. Shinmoedake erupted on Mar 13, leading to the evacuation of a 1 mile radius as roasting hot ash rained down from the mountain
  • 1.4 million homes are without water
  • 1.9 million homes have no electricity
  • 450,000 people are displaced
  • So far 12,000 deaths are confirmed and 15,000 people are are still missing

Lord, have mercy.

Ken Symes Conclusion
Please do comment: How should we then pray for Japan?

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  1. A call to pray for the people of Japan was added to the Christ Church Men website a while ago. They have shown great fortitude and resilience in the face of so much. They surely need our prayers to help them continue to be able to bear it and find answers to help them in the recovery.



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