Friday, March 16, 2018

Weekly Church Sign: Happy New Year’Easter!

Zion Christian Reformed Church sign


This is a pretty good church sign or at least it was in January and maybe even in February. It’s kind of odd to be talking about the “New Year” in March! As we reach mid-March, shouldn’t our attention be turning toward Easter (April 1)? Zion Christian Reformed Church, it’s time to refresh your church sign!

In January, this sign would likely get around 4 out of 5 stars. It would’ve been timely, playing off of New Year’s Day. The triple repetition of “new” is an effective way of emphasizing it’s a new year, new church service time at 9:30am and you’re welcome to join us (New Beginnings). It’s simple, but I like it. Drivers on this medium busy road in Oshawa can easily process the message.

Zion Christian Reformed Church sign in OshawaThe only problem here is this message on this sign has been left up too long. This is actually surprising as Zion Christian Reformed Church is usually pretty good about frequently changing their sign. In fact, I found last year’s sign from this time of year on my camera roll! Hmm… last spring looks much springier than this spring!

So to review this church sign has a good message, easily understood by drivers. It’s welcoming and has a specific invite. Zion Christian Reformed Church is trying to make good use of their sign and reach out to their community. Subtracting one star because it’s been up too long, this sign still earns 3 out of 5 stars. I’m hoping they change it to a good Easter message very soon!

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