Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pray for the oil to stop

The new containment cap has been installed, but for some unspecified reason the integrity testing has been delayed. I hope and pray that this cap will stop the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. I know I've been focused on this disaster for a while now, but I do remain very concerned that this crisis is not being taken seriously enough, especially in the Christian community. The water is becoming toxic, ocean life is being killed, and livelihoods are being devastated. Human folly is wreaking havoc with God's good creation. And look at the rate at which it is happening. Watch above to see how the oil is flowing according to the conservative estimate. Start moving the slider to see what the more realistic numbers look like.

bp.oil.containment.cap Please join me in praying that the oil will stop gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. I'm hoping for the best with this new containment cap, but concerned that testing on Tuesday was delayed. God have mercy! Here is a suggested prayer:

We pray today for the preservation of the Gulf of Mexico
   and the lands and waters it touches:
Please stop the oil from gushing into the ocean;
Give them success with this new containment cap.
Guide those who labour to contain the oil 
   that endangers the creatures of sea and land;
Strengthen those who work to protect them;
Have mercy on those whose livelihoods are suffering;
Forgive us for our carelessness in using the resources of
and give us wisdom and reverence so to manage them in the 
   that no one may suffer from our abuse of them,
   and that generations yet to come may praise you
   in the beauty of your creation; 
   through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(This prayer is a slightly revised version of a prayer written by the Rev. Canon Beverly Findley Gibson, subdean of Christ Church Cathedral  in Mobile, Alabama.)


  1. God, thank you for stopping the oil flow, much obliged. Amen, This is a special intermediary prayer from the Young Men's Group Oshawa. God ,we will give you full credit if it works and we will think non the less of you if it doesn't.

  2. Yes lord.Thanks for giving all the men strength and guidance to stop the flow.We praise you in all your glory.Amen for that.Just saying

  3. C, with due respect. What do you mean to imply with? "God we will give you full credit if it works and we will think none the less of you if it doesn't." Are you suggesting that God is incapable of preventing the oil leak?

    C, I do not want to offend you, have you considered what you have written and do you realize the impact of those words? I just don't understand you. Are you talking about our Sovereign Omnipotent God, our Lord and Master and Creator or someone else that I am unfamiliar with?

  4. Thanks be to God, the oil has stop gushing into the gulf!

    C, you tried to show the folly of prayer, but you offer no alternative.

    All I can tell you is that by praying for the oil crisis, I found myself becoming more and more involved and more and more concerned. You seem to be challenging whether prayer can change God, I can tell you that it changed me.

    And tonight, I am profoundly grateful and can thank God that the oil has stopped. Whom will you thank?

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  6. Hi Anonymous... It is possible, but hard to link to you if you're anonymous ;)

    Be in touch. Leave another comment or I believe if you go to my Blogger Profile, you'll find a link to Email Me. Let me know.



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