Friday, April 20, 2018

Do-It-Yourself Church Sign

WEEKLY CHURCH SIGN REVIEW: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Oshawa



OK, first, apologies for featuring church signs from St. Matthew’s Anglican Church so often! That’s not fair when there are so many other church signs around. I’ve spent the last couple weeks moving and St. Matthew’s just happens to be on that runway from my old address to my new address. Plus I really like this week’s sign! I promise not to do another sign from St. Matthew’s next Friday, unless it’s really very good. (Sorry for skipping the review last week… last Saturday was the big moving day.)

“What could this sign say for you to come on Sunday?” Great question! This week’s sign is witty and welcoming. St. Matthew’s Anglican Church is saying to all the people passing by, “We’d like you to come to church… What could we say to convince you?” And the sign gives the times people can come on Sunday. Four stars! It’s welcoming, fun, friendly and gives a specific invite. Congratulations to St. Matthew’s Anglican Church for earning the highest score so far on the Weekly Church Sign Review.

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