Friday, April 6, 2018

“I’ll be back!” said Jesus, long before Arnold Schwarzenegger!

WEEKLY CHURCH SIGN REVIEW: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Oshawa

St. Matthew's Anglican Church sign "I'll be back" in Oshawa, Ontario


I have to admit this week’s sign at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Oshawa definitely caught my attention! I knew right away it would be the sign for this week’s review. Sorry for all the snow in the picture I took on April 6! The sign reads: JESUS SAID “I’LL BE BACK” A LONG WAY BEFORE ARNOLD DID! Is it funny? I’m still trying to decide.

I previously reviewed a “Christian Budweiser” sign by St. Matthew’s Anglican Church. It didn’t score so well. But I do want to give this church one star for effort. They are trying to do something with their sign and they do change every week to two weeks. I’ll give them a second star for including the invite to the Sunday Worship Service, though perhaps they should’ve included the word “Sunday.” I’m hesitant about giving another star for the humor of the sign as I’m not sure that i’s that funny. Could we run a poll on whether this sign is funny or not?

The humor is in suggesting that Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase “I’ll be back” could’ve been used by the resurrected Jesus as a way of promising his followers that he would return to earth someday following his ascension into heaven. The second coming of Jesus is clearly taught in the Bible so this catchy idea makes sense. It’s not theologically incorrect. But do people who don’t attend church know that Jesus promised to return and that Christians today are waiting expectantly for the second coming? Personally I believe the return of Jesus is imminent. It could happen at anytime. I’m not so sure that many people in the church today believe this or teach it or act as it were true. It’s in the creeds, but do Christians live watching and waiting as Jesus instructed? Do people outside church know that we believe that Jesus ‘will be back’? If not, the humor of the sign falls flat and it’s a joke that only works for insiders. If you click on the “CLICK HERE to join the discussion” link just below this post you can leave a comment to tell me if you found the sign to be funny or not, and maybe you can tell us what you believe about the second coming. Do you agree with the 2 out of 5 stars score? What would you give this church sign? (If you don’t see the link for joining the discussion, click on the title of the post and that link should then be visible below the post.)

Finally, I’m not sure if St. Matthew’s Anglican Church put up this sign because Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the news this week or if that’s just coincidental, but God’s peace be with him. Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery on March 29, spent the Easter weekend in hospital and just went home today. A spokesperson released a statement saying the 70-year-old “Terminator” actor and former California governor was “home and doing incredibly well.” Here’s Arnold’s tweet from the hospital:

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